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One mans' trash another mans' treasure


This project is about behavior change and process design for a specific area of the social- and the ecological environment.

We want to keep relationships towards resources and products in mind.



The project is allredy submitted at the Emily Carr University but we continue our collaboration with the "binners' project" Vancouver.

We continue the development of the product together with some binners' from Vancouver and bring it togehter in public. The work and talk with the real target audience is the biggest value in the process of design and for design a process.


little solution from April 2015... work is still in progress.

The Open Bridge project includes the prototype shelving product itself, which should be built with easily-accessible materials and tools, such as salvaged wood pallets and rope. A campaign — including a magazine, tutorial videos, and advertisements — explains the system and the benefits of supporting Open Bridge. These campaign materials would also empower the binning community with basic design and construction skills for the purpose of innovation and life improvement.


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Garnet Hertz

Keith Doyle