Empties gamble
One man's trash
another man's treasure
Interface between social classes. Parallel universes clashing.

The Empties-Gamble is a critical and at the same time comical presentation of this concept. We visualise what usually happens beyond our perception. Grabbing bottles from an object of desire – the gambling machine - rather than a trash bin gives new value to deposit bottles by putting them into a different context.

The installation consist of a craw crane filled with empty PET bottles. The backside of the machine has a hole through which empty deposit bottles can be inserted at any time. In the front, empty bottles can be fished out of the machine. A game costs 5 cents.

By placing the Empties-Gamble in a public area this topic can be part of the discussion. The resulting interactions are going to be filmed and analysed.
How do people interact? Which actions and reactions does an object like this trigger? Will perceptions and habits change? Will more empty bottles be put next to instead of into the bin?
What will happen between bottle collectors and passersby?