Robin Weidner (1989, Leonberg) is an explorer and a designer, based in Eindhoven / Utrecht (NL) and Stuttgart (DE). He is driven by the fascination of everyday social behaviours.

With his design he is aiming for social interaction and engagement for a joyful and rewarding day- and work life instead of a capitalistic driven efficient way of dealing with the surroundings it’s becoming is utmost importance.

Openness and engagement are key to conscious consumption and challenging the global status quo.
Robin figured out different ways of externalize his thoughts and researches. The outcome is based on experiences or leading to new experiences and insights.

Materialization of thoughts is not categorized in craft, design or art rather in the way what the work is aiming for and how to engage with a topic. It can be a hands-on transformation by interaction, which is adaptable in the real world.

On the other hand Robin is aiming rather questions which might lead to a transformation of the way of thinking, planning and acting. Focussing to create an open and engaging reality. Exchanging knowledge with education and social environments.

“Openness and engagement are key to conscious consumption and challenging the global status quo”

Clients/ Partners 
︎︎︎kärcher | tante netty | city of ehv | city of schw.gmünd | reinaerde | re-creatie reinaerde | vitalis eindhoven | rechtbank eindhoven | jan ligthart school | ride2go | arthelps | knoblauch bodensee | kriesten | bosch pt /health | binnersproject | machbarschaft | mitfahrverband

︎︎︎Re-Creatie Reinaerde – Artist in Residence 2020, Utrecht | Temporary Art Center – Residence from 2019, Eindhoven |

︎︎︎stimuleringsfondsrampa | festool | bessey | götz sttahlbau |

︎︎︎ van abbe huis | makerfair 2019/2020 | Tech & Play Kids Eindhoven | tac ehv | DDW20 health | Mia Seeger expo | DDW20 graduation show |