Open Stairs
Space for organized contributions in public
Strangers are not strange and current social and ecological challenges is making the need of moving close together as a society really urgent to create understanding for fellow humans and the world and materials around us.

The openstairs furniture system with the connected open online-agenda helps to facilitate and invite to organize social interactions, creating dialogue and cultural/educational moments in public space. By rearranging the different leveled stairs furniture in various ways, guests and contributors can create temporarily their ‘own’place on specifically selected and permitted openstairs-locations to connect and share in their local surroundings. The stairs literally levels people, offers a different perspective and let us reflect on hierarchies.  The connected openstairs online-agenda offers an easy overview for the upcoming planned events at the openstairs. It invites people from the digital world to the physical world and welcomes to join and/ or run an own entertaining-, cultural-, educational-,.. event.

For who
Citizens, schools, organizations, artists, municipalities and so on - are welcomed to freely offering and/ or visiting planned or spontaneous happening events in public. By doing so creating an accessible experience with keeping up the values of diversity, equality and respect. In this way people get introduces to new horizons, asked different questions by new aspects and given insights from strangers they would not have met otherwise. – Strangers are not strange!